Start Laying Foundations Right Now

Start Laying Foundations Right Now

Every home needs a lasting basement foundation in South Range, WI

Your basement needs a strong foundation so it can stand the test of time. Whether you want to use your basement for storage space or fully finish and furnish the place, you can count on Lucas Concrete, LLC to put in a sturdy basement foundation.

We'll come and build a basement foundation in a space that has already been dug out. If the area isn't prepped yet, we can find someone to handle to digging for us. Once we've poured and sealed the concrete, we can hand the reins back to your construction company.

Contact us now to request new basement foundation in South Range, WI.

Preserve your home by using a concrete foundation at the start

If your home foundations aren't strong enough, your house can end up full of cracks and sinking into the ground. You might notice your home settling over the years, leading to large cracks in your wall and sheetrock. We use a concrete foundation to make sure that your home remains secure and stable.

Termites can't gnaw through concrete. You're also less likely to deal with wood rot or mold.

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