Lay the Groundwork for a New Garage

Lay the Groundwork for a New Garage

Put down a garage slab made of concrete in South Range, WI

Every garage needs a solid floor. Lucas Concrete, LLC can install a garage slab for your garage. This way, your car will be evenly supported when you park in your garage.

As you prepare to develop the land for your garage, reach out to us. We can get the area cleared and prepare the site. In South Range, WI, you get plenty of snow. We can install in-floor heating and drains to get the snow out of your garage. It will melt down and flow out instead of flooding the whole area.

Contact us today to request a garage slab in South Range, WI.

You need a concrete slab as the foundation of your garage

Store your belongings in a stable garage. We'll install a concrete slab as the base of your garage. No matter how big or small you want your garage to be, we can cut the right size slab.

Don't start planning your new construction project without taking the garage into account. We'll make sure your new garage meets all your criteria.

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